Important: New minimum share setup

Because of the increased number of users on twofo due to ITS (at least temporarily) lifting the firewall restriction, I have implemented a new minimum share setup on a trial basis. The minimum share depends on the number of people that are currently connected to twofo. The settings are as follows:

  • Less than 150 users: 5GB minimum share
  • 150 - 199 users: 10GB minimum share
  • 200 - 219 users: 20GB minimum share
  • 220 - 249 users: 30GB minimum share
  • 250+ users: 50GB minimum share

Your comments on this are most welcome - please make them in the forum. If you do not have that many files to share, please consider connecting to twofo at off peak times. Presently, twofo is most busy between 6pm and midnight.

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