Comment from: Carleen [Visitor]
I agree there should be a minimum you must share, but I think at the moment they are too high, as I only have a laptop that 18.5GB which means I can only download at awkward times in the day. Furthermore, it is not the fact that I am being selfish with sharing its that I don't have enough memory to share as much as others. And I know this is similar for other people I live with.
09/11/05 @ 22:11
Comment from: Sui [Visitor]
I agree with Carleen. I'd like to share more but I simply cannot. My maximum is 16.7gig. The minimum share limits should be lowered.
09/11/05 @ 23:14
Comment from: astropoint [Visitor]
We really do understand your problem. However this is currently the only option avaiable to us at the moment to effectively limit the number of users on twofo. Sorry!
10/11/05 @ 00:33
Comment from: [Member]
Unfortunately, astropoint is right. Because the hub is off campus, during the evening, pretty much all of my upload bandwidth is saturated so I have to give priority to those who share the most. Typically, it is these users who use chat the most too so benefit there. When too many users join twofo, it makes it worse for everyone. An on-campus solution is the only real way forward.
10/11/05 @ 08:50
Comment from: . [Visitor]
can't u make twofo redirect to one of the other hubs when u don't meet the share limit?.. far less people use them, and i'm sure many people don't know about them
14/11/05 @ 00:48
Comment from: [Member]
I think most of the other hubs are intended for private use only. I could redirect to lad's off campus one, but the users and files we can keep on one hub, the better that hub will be. People can choose to connect to other hubs manually if they want.
14/11/05 @ 08:46
Comment from: . [Visitor]
"People can choose to connect to other hubs manually if they want." my point is a lot of regular 'non-techies' don't know about any but twofo.. and if u want to use DC++, and twofo isn't letting you on, why would you /not/ want to connect to another warwick hub? i know lad is happy for anyone warwick-related to use his hub and i haven't seen anything from bigG to suggest that his feelings are any different.. its not going to be the down-fall of twofo...,people won't stop using twofo as they probably have it set up to connect automatically (i'm willing to bet some users wouldn't even notice if they were redirected that they weren't using twofo) anyway, it would only redirect when its full/ u don't meet the sharing requirements. spreading the users to other hubs makes complete sense.. why have one full and two half empty? why have users not being able to use DC++ when there are hubs there with space.. it also means users will have more files when they do get back onto twofo. IMO it would be best for the whole warwick filesharing community, including twofo.
19/11/05 @ 21:38

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