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twofo accepts connections from people on campus and also people off campus. As I want this hub to be only accessible to Warwick students and ex-Warwick students, some restrictions have to be in place for people connecting from outside the warwickpiazza.

Thus, sometime in the future, I may be restricting access for those outside of campus. Access will only be granted if a valid username and password are given. This is normally a feature of whatever client you use to connect to twofo. I require some details of your Warwick membership to confirm you are/ were a member. These details will be discarded after verification. If you do not know these details, enter N/A in the appropriate text boxes.

Feel free to register even if you are on campus, as this will stop unauthorised use of your nick. You must not let anyone else know your password.

Nicknames and password must not have spaces in them, must be of a reasonable length and must not be rude or otherwise questionable. Please note that registering will not solve any problems regarding logging on, e.g. if it already asks you to enter your password.

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