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Blocking external connections to DC++ using the Kaspersky Firewall

  1. Open up the main Kaspersky window. In the list of items under Protection on the left, click on “Firewall”. Then in the window that has appeared on the right, click on configure.

  2. In the window that shows up, click on Settings in the “Filtration System” section as shown.

  3. If you can find DC++ on the list of Applications, then click on it and remove it from the list. Then click Add to the right. Otherwise, just click Add straight away, Choose Browse navigate to the DC++ program (normally in C:\Program Files\DC++)

  4. Click on DCPlusPlus.exe and click Open

  5. A new window should appear in which you can specify the rules for DC++ itself. First give the rule a name (this can be anything you like). Next tick the box for Remote IP Address ONLY. Next, click on where it says “Enter IP Address” in bold.

  6. Select “Range of IP addresses” at the top, and enter the 3 ranges one at a time, clicking add after each one to add it to the list at the bottom.,, and The order you add them in is unimportant 6.jpg
    NB. The screenshot here is out of date (and nobody has Kaspersky to update it) and you now need 4 entries in this list.
    Then click OK to close the window

  7. Finally you should be presented with a summary of the rule you just created. By default this is an “Allow” rule, so to change it to a block rule, just click on where it says “Allow” in blue underlined in the Rule description section. The text should change to Block and the icon next to the rule should change to an exclamation mark on a red circle as shown below.
    NB. Again, the screenshot here is out of date.

  8. Finally Click on Template, and click “Allow All” to allow everything except the blocked ranges you have just inputted.

Now just OK out of all of the settings, and everything should be set up.