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  1. Open the Eset Smart Security Control Panel and navigate to the Personal Firewall Setup and click on the "Advanced Personal firewall setup..." 1.JPG

  2. Now select the Personal Firewall tab and select "Interactive mode" as the filtering mode. 2.JPG

  3. Now click on the “Rules and zones” tab and click on "Setup..." for the "Zone and rule editor" 3.JPG

  4. Now click on “New” to Allow On Campus users and name the rule as "DC++Allow". 4.JPG


  5. Then select the "Local" tab and add the source to the DCPlusPlus.exe executable file. Then select the "Remote tab" and do “Add Address” 6.JPG


  6. Now add the Range and Address as shown below and press Ok. (the add address step has to be done twice) 8.JPG 9.JPG

  7. Now you should see a window as shown below. Click on "New" again to add Rules to block Off Campus users. Name the new rule "DC++Block". 10.JPG


  8. Now under the "Local" tab add the path to the DCPlusPlus.exe file as before and proceed to the "Remote" tab. In the "Remote" tab add the following addresses as shown.
    12.JPG 13.JPG


  9. Now apply all the rules and you are all done! Well Done! Please ask on main chat to confirm whether the firewall is working.