Help Us, Help Yourself - Ways To Not Get Kicked.

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Help Us, Help Yourself - Ways To Not Get Kicked.

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Rules - viewtopic.php?t=36

This isn't an extention of rules, it's more or less a guide to not get kicked by having an extra few active brain cells.

If you have an APPLE computer, the DC++ clients available do not display a tag. We are aware of that however other cheating clients also hide their tags. As some have already done, simply put MAC OS in the description and we'll know not to kick for that specific reason.
Talking about clients, don't have very old clients, this also looks like you're fake sharing, it doesn't take long to update.

Sharing of porn is fine, but at least have the decency to make sure the files don't contain trigger words such as preteen, lolita, bestiality, rape... etc. That's an insta-boot.

It seems this point has to be said once more - do *not* share installed programs, games, windows folders. It gets annoying and the bans get longer and longer.

And finally - don't share personal files such as pictures, your homework, your credit card number, phone numbers, online bills saved as pictures.... These are mainly found in your "My Documents" and come on people, here we're kicking you to stop yourself geting fucked over... just think about what is saved in that folder... do you *really* wanna share all of it?

This is all common sense, however it seems a minority of twofo users lack common sense and still get kicked.
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